• I offer relaxing facials that includes Derma-planing, Hydro Jelly Peels, Chemicals Peels, Regular Home Made Facial Mask,V-Steams and more !!

  • Also I offer non invasive surgical alternatives for potential weight loss.

  • As well as non invasive treatment to enhance certain areas of the body. 


Facials/Body Sculpting & Deals/V-steams


Facial Dermaplaning

90 min, $75

A Complete facial service that involves a manual exfoliation to remove excess fine hairs which are known for trapping dirt and oil, blocking products penetration, removes dead skin cells that  the main cause of acne and blemishes. Provides radiant glowing skin, better application for make up, great for photo shoot, can see a difference of skin texture after 24 hours, brightens the skin. If you have acne this service is not for you.


Aubria Green-Slocum

Young New and Ambitions I started this journey to break out of old habits unwanted hobbies and to get a new chapter open in my life. I found doing facials bring me happiness, excitement and joy and I would love to do your face! So ? Are you FacingIT? Also I am a mother wife daughter sister and friend👫💑💗👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Ariel, Raheem & Rashad 🔐1st Oct. 2️⃣6️⃣🌻Libra♎️🙂ATL🗺📍Teetee ➡️Mommy➡️Mrs.


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